Yvette McFarland

Hey Chris,
I recently became a fan of yours me & my male friend. Last month we came down to Chicago from Mli town and saw you perform @ Andy's jazz club. It was a fun and relaxing experience for the both of us, that we wanted to see you again but in Mil town. I got news you'd came. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity here but hope to see you soon in Chicago. God Bless!

Wavy Dave

Hey Chris! It was great to hang with you over the weekend. I wanna come see you on Friday at the mill and I'm kinda broke. Do you have a guest list you could put me on? Keep in touch. My number is 773-485-0071 BTW I like the originals :-{>

Patrick Stanton

Hello sir... I've taken a listen to you're music and I'm completely interested in working with you. I'm a musician/drummer. I've been playing for 17 years. I'm just trying to forward my musical career and use my God given talent. I appreciate you're time and look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for you're time, be blessed!

lauren young

Hi Chris, My friend and me saw you in the Green Mill in September (Julie & Lauren from Glasgow) not sure if you remember us but just wanted to find out how to buy a copy of your cd? (you showed us the artwork on your phone!!) Its Julie's birthday on the 23rd of December and i thought it would be a nice gift to get her.
Hope everything with you is going well

Pedd Raam

Listening to your music now in Sweden, where I work for now.

Registering with Twitter is easy and it is a great tool for networking and even performing art and music. I just tweeted:

Great Chicago Musician should be invited to #Nordic #Jazz http://www.crmcbride.com/html/guestbook.php … … … @cphjazz http://www.crmcbride.com/html/listen.php @JazzDanmark @SthlmJazzFest

Pedd Raam

I was the luckiest traveller when I arrived at Southloop Hotel by chance and chose to eat at the great L26 Restaurant only to discover a magnificent jazz musician called Christopher McBride launching his new album Quatuor De Force! The band was skilled in playing for the heart and mind and the audience and the ambience unique this Autumn in Chicago. Thank you, and hope to see you and your band at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. I bought your CD, one signed by you for myself, and one for an expert jazz listener Mr. Boertmann in Copenhagen, Denmark, who would become a fan of yours, I dare to predict. Cheers! Pedd Raam, London and Copenhagen

Johan Eriksson

Sounding great Chris!!

Chris Davis

Good C.D. Chris and Congratulations!!!! Who is in your band?


Man all those years of killing are ears with that Sax sure had paid off Im extremely proud of you and I can't wait till I can stop working lol!!!


Loved what I heard so far. Always been a fan and have missed your voice at th Afrozep shows!!! Will definitely try to make the release party.

Evon Sams

Chris your amazing and I appreciate you helping me out.

Marvin Sparks

I see that you went to NIU with my good friend, Prof. Ron Carter. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing you live and possibly performing with you in the future. Blessings on your career!

Veronique Barnes-Harris

My my have we grown!!LOL. Congrats on all of your success!! Keep doing what you're doing and God will continue to bless you. Love ya lil' bro!!